You're already thinking about it the moment you set foot in the dealership...

No matter how many cars you've purchased, it seems you always drive away wondering, "Did I get the best price possible or did I pay more than somebody else for the same car?"

Why go through this?
You don't haggle over other products you buy. Why endure the hassle when shopping for a car?

We price the car, not the customer.
We post our best price on every vehicle - new and used - for our customers and competitors to see. So whether you deal with us online, over the phone, or in the dealership, there's no pressure, no back-and-forth with the manager, no "what will it take to get you to buy today?" Just one low price, period - the price you might hope to get elsewhere after spending the time and hassle to negotiate your way to the bottom line.

Car shopping made easy.
We've replaced the negotiating hassle of traditional car dealerships with a process that makes it easy for you to buy your next car or truck with confidence.
 ... And it only changes everything about shopping for a vehicle!